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Ashley Whetzel, Published September 19 2009

‘Gangsta day’ a repulsive idea

Regarding: “Gangsta Day” canceled in Central Cass (N.D.) schools:

OK, now seriously … I do understand that they vetoed this, but who comes up with this kind of crap? Oh yeah, let’s approve having our children dress up as gang bangers and parade around school. Then when they get out of school and happen to come across a “tru gangsta” and get into a confrontation and possibly seriously injured or killed over it, who would be held responsible for it then?

I just can’t believe that the school system would even agree to this in the first place, seeing that gangs are already an issue in our communities today. This really makes you wonder what kind of morals and principles are being instilled in our schoolchildren these days.

Any parent in his or her right state of mind would be upset over this and would not let his or her child/children participate in something like this, even if it is only for fun. I would hope.