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Jason Miller, Published September 12 2009

Our opinion: This year, less is more with fantasy football

I love fantasy football. The draft.

The trash talk.

The strategy.

If I had to rank the top 10 guy things I enjoy, it would make the cut somewhere right after playing golf at Edgewood on a beautiful summer morning and bowling in league on a cold winter night.

As I enter another season of fantasy football I can’t help but think that this will be the best year yet.

That’s because I finally made the move.

I’ve cut back.

In previous years, it’s been routine to be an active “owner” in at least two, and sometimes three or four, leagues.

No more.

I am now fully dedicated to only the Fargo Fantasy League, a league made up of a tight group of friends and fantasy football rubes.

The beauty of it is I will no longer have to cheer for and against the same players on a weekly basis.

You know the drill. You own Adrian Peterson in one league and end up facing him in another league the same week.

It almost drove me to my fantasy football grave.

Watching NFL football on Sundays became more like work than just an enjoyable day of sitting on the couch and staring at 720 pixels of plasma.

The 16-team league I’m currently in attempts to make the rules as close to the real NFL as possible (at least as real as fantasy football can be):

Four divisions (decided geographically by where the owners graduated high school)

Two conferences (AFC and NFC)

A Super Bowl

If being as NFL-like as possible is the idea, it makes sense to own just the one team.

After all, in real life, I couldn’t own the Vikings and Packers, right?

Now I “coach” one team and love it. My only worry is watching the Vikings while facing a fantasy team with Peterson, Brett Favre or Bernard Berrian. But there’s no way around that.

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