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Dan Jacobson, Published September 12 2009

Good ol’ boys pull another fast one

Knowing how the good ol’ boy network works, Susan Bala’s attorney shouldn’t be surprised. This case is more proof that they can get away with lying, acting like thugs and breaking the laws they are hired to uphold. I was at the arguments before the appeals court, and again these guys made untrue statements to the court. The court told U.S. Attorney Drew Wrigley in plain English that he was wrong. If this stands, it will be another injustice.

The self-serving Wrigley says he just didn’t have enough evidence to do his job? Not so. The facts are that the appeals court actually said there was “no basis” for his criminal case and that he “failed to provide evidence to support any of the charges.”

These guys have fought to keep the facts out of this case, misstated the law and misled the public from the beginning. The facts will stand. She didn’t break any laws, and she should get back what they illegally took from her.

Why should any business want to move to or start up in North Dakota when overly ambitious political wannabes can come in, take over your business, ruin it and never have to answer for it? Wrigley and North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem should be held accountable like everybody else.

The good ol’ boy network – at work in your valley.