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Rich Gaffrey, Published September 11 2009

Heitkamp agenda will raise prices

I have heard former North Dakota Attorney General Heidi Heitkamp’s radio commercial promoting, “The Employee Free Choice Act.” This act would enable workers to more easily form unions in the workplace. Heitkamp says that union jobs in North Dakota pay as much as 44 percent higher wages than nonunion jobs.

How could businesses possibly afford to raise wages by such an astronomical amount? The price of goods and services would have to be raised drastically to pay for these wage increases. This would decrease the purchasing power of our spending money. We could buy fewer goods and services. Businesses would have fewer sales. Workers would have their hours cut. Workers would be laid off. People who live on fixed incomes and Social Security would be pushed into a lower standard of living.

So, to honor Heitkamp for her many years of leadership in the Democratic Party, I propose we change the title of this act to “The Heidi Heitkamp Increased Unemployment and Lower Standard of Living Act.”