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Dale Heger, Published September 06 2009

Impressed by Reagan, Obama

The passing of Ted Kennedy brings huge sorrows for us all. A person may not always agree with old Ted Kennedy, but you have to admire him and the Kennedys.

I was always an admirer of the Kennedys. I admire and respect them. They are America’s royalty. They lived the American dream. Even though the Kennedys were rich, they have never forgotten the poor and needy. They fought for the underdog, the underprivileged. You have to admire them for that. That is one of the things I would love to be remembered for.

President John F. Kennedy was the greatest president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The only other president matched to him is Ronald Reagan. When John Kennedy was president, his children were treated like royalty, like prince and princess. No other president’s kids were treated that way. It was just too bad that he never lived to see his policy come to play. Robert Kennedy never had a chance to make his mark.

The Republicans hadn’t had anyone since Reagan to compare to the Kennedys. They claim they did, though! I don’t know if the Kennedy children of my generation can ever step up to the plate like their fathers did. That is why I said, “With the death of Ted Kennedy brings to death of Camelot.” We can only hope that President Barack Obama can live up to President Kennedy and President Reagan.

That is one of the reasons I supported Obama for president: He impressed me like Kennedy and Reagan.