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Chris Eisenbeisz, Published August 30 2009

Right's adenda is destructive to what end?

In response to a letter titled “Right’s agenda is destructive” (Aug. 18):

The author fails to explain how this is “destructive.” The letter claims public discussion is being disrupted by all the yelling and shouting coming from citizens backed by “extreme right-wing” political groups.

In 2006, Sen. Nancy Pelosi said, “I’m a fan of disruptors. Nothing could be more American.” If conservatives are doing the disrupting, her view changes completely, as she recently stated, “Disruptors are simply un-American.” Is it possible the author shares the same view?

If conservatives were in power and planning to dismantle the Department of Education and the welfare system, would the letter writer condemn the shouting and yelling by the left? I think not. The proper title for Kevin Murch’s letter would be “Right’s agenda destructive to my agenda.”