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Kevin L. Murch, Published August 18 2009

Right’s agenda is destructive

Recent news reports of citizens attending town hall meetings and disrupting public discussion on health care reform is disappointing but not totally unexpected. The fact that certain political groups that favor an extreme right-wing approach to politics are behind supporting citizens to resort to shouting, yelling and overall disrespect for a public discussion, is also not surprising.

When political commentators and now political front groups start comparing the policies of President Barack Obama to Hitler and the Nazi party (which is erroneous, since the Nazi’s were fascists, to the extreme right), it should give the average citizen a much better understanding of what the real agenda is by the people who consider themselves to be of a “common-sense” nature and “true Americans.”

This agenda is not new, by contrast, it is as old as the country is and then some. The agenda is one that demonizes the idea that we should look after one another and care for our fellow citizen.

Socialism, in the eyes of Republicans and the right-wing, is nothing more than government getting in the way of capitalism and individual rights. On the contrary, it is a system that looks after the betterment of the citizens as a whole, to further the advancement of a society as one and not pander to the interests of elitists and powerful corporations that care nothing for individuals or citizen rights.

By empowering citizens to buy into an agenda that concerns itself more with the interests of corporations and powerful elitists and not the advancement of everyday people, Republicans and right-wing supporters of this philosophy do nothing more than confirm that they are the party of “no” and bring nothing to the table except fear and disillusionment.

For people not to see what is going on with this destructive agenda is absolutely embarrassing.