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Joanne Brokaw, Published August 18 2009

We’re already paying the freight

I am not against people getting insurance through their jobs, but I think everyone should realize that we are all paying for it.

I’ll start with our senators, representatives and all federal employees. They all have great insurance, and we are all paying for it through taxes.

Our state is the same. Our taxes are paying for senators, representatives and all state employees’ insurance, too. Another example are teachers; our taxes pay their insurance. Health care workers all receive insurance. The bill we get includes paying for it.

When we buy a car, the price includes insurance for all, including the owner, salesmen, auto workers and mechanics. When we pay our phone bill, it includes the cost of insurance for all the employees. The electric bill is the same. Our farm equipment, furniture and such, it is the same.

The people who need to use Medicaid because they can’t afford insurance are a group we must take care of. They end up in the emergency rooms at a much higher cost, and it is a tremendous burden on our emergency rooms. They have no preventive care. The cost of all Medicaid is paid with our taxes.

Then there are the farmers, the self-employed and the small business community. They find it increasingly difficult to keep pace with insurance premiums that have more than doubled in the past 10 years.

I think it is time for a single-payer insurance option and a tax to pay it, because we are paying it anyway.

Another option, if our senators and representatives can’t figure out how we can all have insurance, they should cancel the health care insurance we provide them. It is time for them to experience sky-high premiums and pre-existing conditions. I think many are old enough or have pre-existing conditions so no insurance would cover them.