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Gene Torstenson, Published July 19 2009

Vote against court nominee

Despite what the pundits and reporters are saying, being a woman does not qualify anyone to serve on the Supreme Court.

Being of Spanish descent does not qualify a person for the nation’s highest court. In fact, Sonia Sotomayor’s statements on how her life experiences make her wiser should be a red flag to any senator to vote against her. Indeed, her statement on her beliefs of gun ownership indicates that the Constitution can be interpreted any way she wants to. Judges need to make decisions based on the written law, not a personal philosophy.

However, President Barack Obama’s philosophy, that the Constitution is an obscure set of laws, puts her right in line with his goal of reducing the set of laws upon which this great nation is based to just a piece of paper.

To be sure, one prominent Democrat senator said, “It doesn’t matter what the Constitution says, we have to do in our hearts what we know is right.” Understand, our founders wanted a nation based on law, not on the whims of individuals. Judicial decisions based on the emotions of individuals can only lead to hate and discontent within the polity – Roe v. Wade, for example.

Contact our senators and urge them to vote against this woman. If every eligible voter in North Dakota communicated with our senators and begged them to vote “no” on her confirmation, they are still going to vote to confirm her. Why? Because first and foremost, they serve the Democratic National Committee and MoveOn.org.