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Darrel Moe, Published July 18 2009

All choices have consequences

Much has been written about the young man who was shot in Moorhead recently. Fingers of blame have been pointed in every direction. As tragic as this event is, the unavoidable truth of the matter is that if the uninvited guest had not made an appearance in that apartment in the middle of the night he would still be alive. In breaking into that apartment, the victim made a bad choice. Or it could be that the choice was the result of a previous bad choice.

Everyone makes choices every day. Whether those choices involve reckless driving, poor eating habits, irresponsible sexual behavior, consumption of alcohol (think about the thousands of lives lost annually because of drunken driving), engaging in criminal financial dealings (think Bernie Madoff), the harsh, unavoidable truth is that bad choices result in some very undesirable consequences.

While those consequences may delay their appearance for a long time, they will inevitably come. Sadly, too often, the innocent become the victims.

The negative impact of these bad choices on our culture and our economy cannot be comprehended. For example, how much money is spent on the rehabilitation of substance abusers? How much money is spent on the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases? How much money have investors lost because of the crooked dealings of these financial scoundrels?

It is long past the time for us as a nation to return to the virtues of honesty, sobriety, marital faithfulness and integrity in our financial dealings.