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Nathan Miller, Published July 16 2009

Keep close watch on court nominee

With Sonia Sotomayor’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing under way, liberals have ratcheted up their attacks on Frank Ricci, as he is scheduled to testify at the Senate confirmation hearings.

Ricci is one of the firefighters who were denied promotion based on their skin color. When Ricci went to court, Judge Sotomayor ruled it was OK to deny Ricci and some of his colleagues the promotion. This decision could be seen as nothing less than discriminatory. Fortunately, the Supreme Court recently reversed this decision.

Unfortunately, it appears Judge Sotomayor has a history of preferring one race over another. In one comment, she even stated that a “wise Latina” would make better decisions than a white man. It seems Judge Sotomayor has taken the privilege of serving as a judge to further activist causes.

Now that Ricci is going to be given the opportunity to tell his story, left-wing interest groups have launched an attack campaign to intimidate and smear him. I am hopeful that this will not sway the opinions of North Dakotans who are watching these important hearings.

As it is wrong to personally smear the nominee, it is also wrong to allow such attacks against those who may oppose her nomination to the Supreme Court.

I am watching this case closely, as the Supreme Court has such an impact on our country. I am grateful that The Forum has published the columns written by the North Dakota Judicial Confirmation Network. I am not a member of the group and don’t know much about them, but I have found their statements very thoughtful and informative. Please continue your coverage of this important event.