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Tom R. Kovach, Published July 14 2009

Minnesota sends creep to Senate

I’m sorry, but I cannot accept the fact that a far- left liberal Supreme Court in Minnesota made Al Franken a senator. There was no way Norm Coleman could win in this situation. The deck was stacked against Coleman. After recounts and half recounts, we still don’t really know which person got the most votes. That’s a fact.

As far as Franken is concerned, I will never accept him as a Minnesota senator. We still only have one senator. I still can’t believe that the people of Minnesota cast that many votes for a filthy creep like Franken. Here is a little weasel who joked about rape.

He used four-letter words in his “comedy” routines when he talked about then-President George W. Bush or anyone else he disagreed with. And he was a carpetbagger. He didn’t live in Minnesota; he came here to visit sometimes. And the filth in Hollywood bank-rolled this little dirtbag. That’s what Minnesotans want for a senator?

I get a kick out of the far left and the media in this country. They give free passes to creeps like Franken and others.

President Barack Obama lied constantly while he was running for president. Once in office, he showed his true colors by bowing to Muslims and blaming America for all the ills of the world. In my opinion, Obama is a liar and a racist.

And remember Hillary Rodham Clinton? She said she was under sniper fire in Bosnia. A lie. But does anyone care? Especially in the news media? Of course not.

Democrats are in now. They can say and do what they want, and nobody will question it. Disgusting.