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Eugene Dumont, Published July 06 2009

A cry for justice comes from grave

From the grave comes a cry for justice, not the justice of a trigger-happy cowboy, but a cry for justice from a civilized society. A young man is dead. Why did this have to happen? Why must this trigger-happy mentality be allowed to go on?

There is no longer any room in the 21st century for this kind of thinking. This is not the wild, wild West. In this day and age, there must and should be other ways to control the gung-ho, gun-toting attitude.

Take away all guns, no, then only the bad guys would have guns, so that leaves every one of us to bear a little responsibility and lock our doors. If we leave our doors unlocked, then we are inviting trouble.

Vernon Allen had his shotgun at the ready, his door unlocked, and was hoping somebody would walk in and give him the excuse to commit legal murder. Yes, legal murder. Therefore, Allen should and must bear some responsibility for the death of young Joel LaFromboise.

If Allen wasn’t afraid before he got his gun, why then did he become scared only after LaFromboise grabbed the shotgun? “The only time he became scared was when the intruder grabbed the gun.”