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Keith Wolfe, Published July 05 2009

Seven-year-old who misplaced her purse loses faith in people

Over the past week, my family and I visited Fargo for a shopping trip. My daughter, age 7, had her purse with her so that she could buy something for me for my birthday and Father’s Day. While leaving Wal-Mart, she inadvertently left her purse on a bench while we were checking out. We did not realize this until the next day when we were halfway back to Minot, N.D.

This purse was not only very special to my daughter, but it also contained her money that she had earned throughout the school year for good grades. When we contacted the manager, we were told that no one had turned in the purse.

My daughter could not understand why someone would want her purse and was very upset to the point that she said she hated people. This is not something that we have taught her. She shows compassion and generally cares about others more than we could have hoped for, but what she doesn’t understand is why someone would take something from her that did not belong to them. We do not ask much out of our children – just to be themselves – but to have her crying over this and then say that she hated people was very upsetting.

I think we have lost touch with reality in this world when someone finds something that belongs to someone else and instead of turning it in to the lost and found, they take it and keep it. What is wrong with people? Take the money, that means nothing to a child, but at least turn in the purse. Ask yourself this question: If that had been your child’s purse or wallet, would you want someone to give it back or would you be all right with them not returning it?

What has this world come to that turns a 7-year-old against people?