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Dena Marie Wyum, Published June 30 2009

A history review would help writer

In her letter denigrating Pride Week (“Disturbing show for gay pride,” Saturday, June 20), Clara Tellinghuisen introduces the importance of understanding history. A comprehensive examination of history shows us that historically, the majority in the U.S. seek a false sense of cohesion through subjugation of an “other” and rationalization of their actions.

Examples of this abound.

During legalized slavery, whites rationalized their actions through attempts to prove that blacks were not fully human.

Women were denied the vote through rationalization that they did not have the mental capacity to carry out this responsibility.

During World War II many Americans supported Japanese internment camps and rationalized this as an attempt to keep their families safe from potential spies.

Currently, the gay and bisexual community has become “the other” upon which Americans focus.

Tellinghuisen rationalizes her disrespectful comments by invoking individuals to consider God’s promises. If we take anything from history, possibly it should be that there is never an acceptable rationale for bigotry.