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Steve Strege, Published June 21 2009

Abortion methods surely are murder

If someone deliberately smashed the eggs of bald eagles we wouldn’t call it “reproductive health care” for the eagle population. But in her June 7 Forum column, Jane Ahlin defended the work of abortionist George Tiller by repeating the phrase “reproductive health care.” There was nothing reproductive about Tiller. He ended tens of thousands of lives.

Ahlin says Tiller’s murder was “horrific.” Surely the murderer should be brought to justice. I think punching a hole in the skull of an unborn baby and vacuuming out its brain is truly horrific. That is one method of late-term abortions. Another is to inject a solution into the unborn baby to kill it and then deliver a stillborn. Ahlin suggests the words “murderer” and “killer” be eliminated from the abortion debate. I don’t know what else you would call practices like that.

I am blessed with two grandchildren. One was born seven weeks premature; the other five weeks premature. There was nothing incomplete about them at birth or now at ages 10 and 5.

It is the abortionists’ lie that they were only blobs of tissue or clusters of cells, and that ending their lives before birth would have been “reproductive health care.” They were babies who changed residences – from the womb to the outside world – sooner than normal. But in Tiller’s world those little ones were expendable so he could collect his fat fee.

Americans should face up to what’s really going on and put a stop to it.