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Nina Harris, Published June 20 2009

Justice requires balance

I first call attention to Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s long experience and her excellence in education achievements. There are relatively few alumni who can claim to do much better than she.

As to the “controversy” over remarks credited to her, especially the “wise Latina” instance, I find it quite interesting that those hoping to find cause to criticize her always seem to miss out on what I find an important point.

She added the stipulation that the Latina in question be wise in order to make a better decision more often than not.

She does not add the same requirement to the white male in the instance.

Also, there are many experiences and possibilities in life in which a woman would commonly see and know a different viewpoint than a man in the same situation. Neither side is any less valid or true than the other.

A man would be very hard-put to know what pregnancy feels like, for starters.

Furthermore, I think that she is acknowledging that considerable thought must be given to any decision, gathering as much information and wisdom on the matter as is feasible, especially as we all lack perfect knowledge.

In all, I strongly suspect that her would-be naysayers are seeing only what they want to see, i.e., any excuse to find fault and then using selective amnesia on whatever doesn’t fit their wishes.

And as justice requires a balance of needs against needs, rights against rights, and fair and equal protection and treatment under the law, I believe it is past time for those who reflexively object to her to begin behaving as the adults they claim to be.