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Sheila Tuhy, Published June 17 2009

Letter on Tiller misses the point

Sarah Haeder writes (Forum, June 4) with much emotion but no logic to express her grief for the loss of a friend. Lest she influence vulnerable women and superficial readers, I am compelled to respond.

“Tiller is the eighth person murdered by a movement.” Dr. George Tiller was murdered by an emotional fanatic mourning the loss of millions of babies. Every segment of society has its extremists who are not content to wait for due process, but take the law into their own hands.

“Tiller understood that abortion … is about the heart of a woman.” Does a man that understands the heart of a woman really exist? Perhaps a few, but Tiller was not one of them. The heart of a healthy woman does not destroy her baby. I think Tiller understood the economics of a practice shunned by most of the medical profession and used the vulnerability of troubled women to build his fortune.

Haeder suggests that women who have had abortions are silenced by the pro-life movement. Shamed they may be, but that shame more often comes from the realization that they have made the decision to take the life of their child. Their voice may be silenced, but the child’s voice is also silenced. He or she is denied the right to feel a loving mother’s arms, the right to play and build friendships, the right to develop into a tax-paying citizen, the right to life itself.

You don’t have to be a religious zealot to love the sinner but hate the sin; you just have to be a mom or dad.