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Michael A. Ross, Published June 14 2009

All wars based on lies, deception

Tom “The Greatest Generation” Brokaw’s message is, of course, for the current generation of military age. It is that you can be great also. There is just one catch. You must be willing to die by the hundreds of thousands. And, oh, by the way, after you are dead, or maimed, nothing will have changed. The world will be just as dangerous a place. There will always be another war for your children and grandchildren to fight and die in.

Saturday, June 6, America marked the 65th anniversary of the D-Day landing. Let’s give these great men their due. They did what they believed was necessary with great courage and sacrifice. What may be necessary for us today is to consider what some believe to be one of the most profound books of our time: “Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War” by Pat Buchanan. A superb review can be read at: www.amconmag.com/blog/2009/


The idea that had it not been fought we would all be speaking German and goose-stepping down Main Street is ludicrous. Adolf Hitler would never have come over here. He never made it across the English Channel as far as ground troops. Had we stayed out, as President Franklin D. Roosevelt promised, it would have been just another European war.

Whether fears of Nazi conquest or the more recent “domino theory” or today’s “WMDs,” all wars are based on lies. Gullible Americans seem especially vulnerable to such lies.

How can Americans reeducate themselves so as not to be so assailable by these lies? Buchanan’s book may be a good place to start.