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By Jason Miller, Published June 09 2009

Miller: Late games, missed stories

I get a lot of phone calls and e-mails at work from people basically wondering what the heck I’m doing.

They usually go a little something like this:

Holy cow, Mauer and Crede smash a home run each, Baker pitches a brilliant game into the ninth … and Morneau powers a grand slam … and not a word on this morning’s sport’s page?

Say what?

It’s true. That edition you are reading didn’t have anything on the Twins game from the previous night.

Here’s why:

The game didn’t appear because of when the sports section was printed the night before.

We have two press runs each night so we can get our newspapers out to subscribers in a timely fashion.

Some of our subscribers get their Forum through the mail and those papers need to be at the post office in time to get to their mailboxes the next morning.

We also need that early press run to make sure our papers make it to the outlying areas of North Dakota in a timely fashion.

When games happen at night, we often don’t get a story in time for the first edition of the paper, which goes to press shortly after 10 p.m.

The majority of the papers we distribute come off our final press run, which is printed around midnight. But because of the size of our distribution area, the early editions are often missing many of those sporting events that happened the night before.

The situation becomes difficult with teams like the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks or the Minnesota Twins because they play almost every day.

For example, a recent Sunday night Twins game didn’t make the first edition of the Monday paper. However, Minnesota played in the afternoon on that Monday, meaning the story made it in both versions of the newspaper on Tuesday.

Because of this, we typically do not re-run many of those late games because they will be a couple of days old by the time they make it to print.

If you pick up a sports section that doesn’t have a story about a game that was played the night before, it’s not because we forgot about it. It’s likely because the game ended late and we were unable to get it in the newspaper in time for that early press run.

However, there’s still a way for you to get all the sports news your early edition may be missing.

Visit our Web site at www.inforum.com. We post all of our local stories and photos there each day.

We also publish stories from the Associated Press that we know our readers value, like updates on the Twins and Minnesota Vikings.

So if that edition you’re reading feels like it’s missing something, you can likely find it on inforum.

Readers can reach Forum Sports Editor Jason Miller at (701) 241-5538 or jmiller@forumcomm.com