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Dawn Romo, Published June 07 2009

Vote ‘no’ on West Fargo school proposal

As information began showing up in the newspapers and on the West Fargo Public Schools Web site, I thought it would be a good idea to become more informed, so I attended an open forum. I was very disappointed.

An open forum should be questions and answers, but the school board didn’t want an “open” forum after being drilled at the first two meetings. Questions were very limited. This made me think, “What do they not want the voters to know?” I did some checking, and here is the information they are not providing to the taxpayers:

First, the survey taken by 800 patrons that the school board based their plan on is not accurate. According to the survey shown by the board,

22 percent of those who took the survey were not even West Fargo taxpayers. A survey should have been sent to all households to get an accurate response.

A huge issue the school board is not telling the whole story on is the tax impact, or what this will cost. The following comes from the latest information sent by the “yes” campaign. With a “yes” vote taxpayers receive the following: $100,000 home, $189; a $200,000 home, $375; and a $300,000 home, $567. With a “no” vote on a $100,000 home, it’s $337; $200,000 home, $675; and $300,000 home, $1,012.50. That is a huge difference, especially in today’s economy. Why was that not posted?

Why are they not telling us what could happen when the tax levy comes off? Our taxes then could and would double.

Why do we need all the new buildings? The school district has built three new buildings in the past five years. All have been made too small. Why should we trust them this time to build it right?

With a “no” vote, the school board will have to go to plan B, give the residents and all the students of West Fargo the same opportunity with one nice high school to keep the Packers united. If the new school were to be built as stated in this plan, it wouldn’t even include hockey rinks or a swimming pool, and teams would have to share fields for home games. This certainly doesn’t sound like the “best” plan for our community.

So I hope that every West Fargo taxpayer and resident stands up and votes “no” Tuesday. Let’s make the school board go back and come up with a plan that the community wants and would best suit the interests of our kids. Let the community speak instead of hiding the whole truth. This will be the taxpayers “survey” that only a select few were allowed to take.