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Richard Johnson, Published June 04 2009

Had enough of ‘Obamamobiles?’

Will the hypocrisy ever stop? President Barack Obama has said he wants nothing to do with running the new “Government Motors.” Yet, he has taken it upon himself to fire the CEO, hire his own hand- picked replacement and appoint a special board of directors of his choosing, led by a man with no business experience. These directors are to follow a strict business plan that Obama, also with absolutely no business experience, has laid out.

He has also decided which product lines will stay and which will go, and will decide which plants and dealerships will be shut down, as well as what type of cars are to be produced. He also said the government will not have any input in the daily operation, except “the most fundamental” decisions. What falls under the most fundamental is up to his interpretation, of course. How is this going to be profitable?

American taxpayers now own 60 percent of this company. Obama announced that the government will stimulate the business by replacing most of its existing fleet with “green” Obamamobiles.

He also intends to give incentives to people who replace their gas guzzlers with these Obamamobiles.

This is a prime example of why our Founding Fathers put limits on government in the Constitution. Too bad there is no one who will enforce those limits.