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Sarah Laducer, Published May 24 2009

Orientation not same as behavior

Reading some of the recent opinion articles I feel a need to ask – are we really this cynical, are we really this uneducated?

We finally have a president who is well educated, a leader promising change, changes to try to make America a country that is more fair to individuals who have been oppressed in the past, in the midst of a hurting economy. It seems a lot of people are so busy poking at the problems, but no one is trying to offer up positive solutions. This poking is weaving lies amongst good actions, and in a hurting economy, we need all the positive spirit we can get.

I am simply thankful for those individuals trying to make the tough decisions, and am proud of our North Dakota legislators.

I guess some people think it better that people like Matthew Shepard continue to be killed, because homosexuals are subhuman, right? No, and I am so thankful that Rep. Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D., is smarter than the Alison Grotbergs of the world to recognize this fact.

Sexual orientation is completely different from sexual behavior. It doesn’t take a psychologist to understand the difference. In fact, clinical research has shown in child molestation cases, less than

1 percent of molesters could be classified as gay. (Groth & Gary, 1978, 1982; Dr. Carole Jenny, 1994, and Dr. Nathaniel McConaghy, 1998). Pedophilia is a crime against children, however the Hate Crimes Bill HR 1913 is aimed toward crimes committed due to sexual orientation.

Orientation and behavior are quite different, this is obvious, which is why the pedophilia amendment was unrelated to HR 1913, but let me add one more thought: If your straight son, daughter, sister, brother were murdered because of their heterosexuality, keep in mind that HR 1913 is working to protect them, too.