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Ryan Gautschi, Published May 18 2009

MacIver lies about labor act

Shame on Dave MacIver for his dishonest column in May 10’s Forum. MacIver and the Chamber of Commerce have long opposed unions, and MacIver is wrong about the Employee Free Choice Act.

“EFCA would essentially abolish the protection of a private or secret ballot during union organizing campaigns.” Wrong. An election would be held if workers requested one. The company’s right to demand an election would be lost.

“Union organizers ... could relentlessly pursue those who refused to sign until they got their majority.” Wrong. Coercing workers into signing union authorizations is already against the law. Credible allegations that workers were pressured into signing cards against their will would invalidate the organizing petition and subject the union to fines.

“Under current law, the parties meet, negotiate the terms and conditions of employment and reach a contract.” Wrong. Many companies endlessly delay bargaining to break the union. Forty-four percent of newly formed unions never achieve a first contract.

“... bill could impose substantial penalties on employers who attempt to tell their workers about the impact of unionizing. Workers would be denied equal information, and employers would be denied their right to free speech.” Wrong. The law increases fines for the already illegal harassing and firing of pro-union workers. Workers are currently denied equal information, as they are forced to sit through anti-union meetings while organizers are barred from the premises.

Employers would maintain every free speech right they currently have.

Mr. MacIver, please stop lying about the Employee Free Choice Act.