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Todd Gross, Published May 11 2009

Freethinkers not thinking clearly

I am perplexed at the thought process of the Freethinkers. Apparently their free-thinking process has tunnel vision, and they cannot see or think about the very thoughtful decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court, the highest court in the land of freedom. Therefore, they have revised their thought process and introduced another “free-thinking” lawsuit.

Do they not think about a petition that had more than 5,200 signatures on an initiated measure to keep the statue on the mall at the Civic Center? Maybe they should think about having a citywide vote on the measure, respect the vote of the majority and think about just moving on with their thoughtful lives. Of course, they should have to think about paying for the cost of the special election.

One would think that this would finally solve the thought process of those Freethinkers. If that would not be satisfactory, they could think about freedom in other countries, such as those that imprison reporters for “freely thinking,” and start a lawsuit there.

This repetition of thought is very tiring. In this fragile economy, don’t people have more important things to think about, such as job retention? Silly, isn’t it?