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Mark Fiechtner, Published April 26 2009

Workers need the free choice act

I would bet that those who have written in with false information about the Employee Free Choice Act have never been involved in an election to join a union, as I have three times.

Each time we were intimidated, belittled and coerced until the weaker ones got scared and broke down. We all had to stay there and listen to the lies and scare tactics because it was our employer doing it and paying us to listen to them.

Now, can a union organizer do that? No! People wouldn’t take that from them. But remember, it was the workers, having an interest in bettering their lives with higher pay, job security, health benefits and safe working conditions, who contacted the union organizer.

CEOs won’t work without a contract guaranteeing them the bonuses and severance packages that Americans are up in arms about. Why should CEOs get a veto over workers’ decision to join together to bargain for a contract guaranteeing them a living wage and decent benefits?

If big businesses and the Chamber of Commerce are so worried about the Employee Free Choice Act, they must not be treating their employees the way they should. Look at Marvin Windows: Their motto is if you treat workers right, they won’t need a union, and by the profit-sharing reports alone they seem to be treating them right.