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Dave Engebretson, Published April 04 2009

Countywide flood tax the way to go

Funny thing how most of the north-side and central Fargo residents used to blame the southsiders for not having decent flood protection and laughed at us because we will be required to buy flood insurance as a result of the ’97 flood. Now with the ’09 flood, I can laugh back or feel everyone’s pain when the rest of Fargo is added to the new flood map.

The new 100-year flood number will likely require every homeowner, apartment owner and business property owner to buy flood insurance if the property is financed through a bank. That point alone should get everyone in town to support a sales tax to pay for a 500-year flood protection program.

I should add that I believe it should be a countywide sales tax/flood protection program. Of course, that would also include the federal and state share of financial support.

Sales tax is fair because the biggest portion of the fast increase in the flood crest level is due to the abuse of quick draining of the land, no doubt about it, and they should help pay for downstream flood protection as a result of their actions. One shouldn’t blame upstream landowners, because all of us would do the same thing if we lived there and we could get away with it.

Quick action is now the only option.