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Marcel Stratton, Published March 22 2009

Limbaugh’s rants new McCarthyism

Why is it that in descriptions of the words and activities of Rush Limbaugh, it is not pointed out the obvious similarity of Limbaugh and Adolph Hitler.

Rush knows exactly what he has started. Do you remember how overbearing, intimidating and feared Sen. Joseph McCarthy became before his crudities and chilling attacks on patriotic citizens was stopped?

The rise of Hitler came about through use of the same strident, rancorous and dangerous appeal to a populace who had suffered military defeat and in times of embarrassment for their loss of economic power – how the Germans suffered because of inflation and post-World War II decadence.

Could Limbaugh’s future in the U.S. follow a similar rise to power? Yes, it could happen in America; a thousand times yes. Limbaugh has sufficient numbers of fanatics who could rouse thousands of others who feel they have been passed over and are now aching to join in conflict to usurp our duly elected government. Limbaugh has said he hopes President Barack Obama fails.

Re-read “Mein Kampf” and review European history immediately following the World War I. Hitler had little difficulty enlisting followers to his “cause.” And, in our own government, Republican senators and representatives are already showing fear of opposing Rush.

Do not fail to fully sound the danger of Rush Limbaugh to the U.S.