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Trana Rogne , Published March 19 2009

It’s standard fare in health industry

When will we get the message? The message is, if we want to pay for private insurance for health care, we will pay the bill for CEO salaries, golden parachutes ($2.2 million) and sales incentive trips. This is standard fare in the industry.

Health care costs have doubled since 2000. Most of that money is in the insurance side of the system, 20 to

30 percent higher cost than Medicare. To be fair, there are possible cost savings in other areas, but it is questionable if those areas can be addressed with private payer in place.

If we were getting a good deal on our money, it would not be so bad. We have the most expensive health care system and the worst health care outcomes of the 30 largest industrialized countries in the world. If we are willing to pay the piper for a substandard product, we can just keep paying for private-payer insurance from Blues and friends.

If we want to see real health care reform, dump the typical Blues and friends models and go with public-payer health care. The message is, when you give your money to private payers, your premiums are your contribution to the me and greed system, not a health care system. Now do we get it?