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Daniel Thorson, Published March 15 2009

Blues need dose of common sense

After reading the good news for CEO Mike Unhjem it becomes obvious that what the Blues need is to hire a CCSO. You ask what a CCSO is? Chief Common Sense Officer! Pay the CCSO whatever the average wage is for the state in which he lives and let that individual OK any decisions that the CEO or board makes.

It seems that many executives and boards need someone to keep them grounded. Taking trips on private jets, sales awards that the average person could never afford, golden parachutes,

etc., would all have to be approved by this person.

This would also have been a position that the AIGs of the world or some of the other financial service companies or automakers could have benefited from. The CCSO could have kept some of these companies out of the news and saved them a great deal of embarrassing press.

It’s not too late for the Blues to turn things around.