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Samantha Evenson, Published March 11 2009

Stimulus bill right for difficult times

I’ve seen a few letters recently that suggest North Dakota’s congressional delegation supported the stimulus simply for partisan or political reasons. I believe the writers of those letters need to take their own partisan blinders off and consider the possibility that our elected leaders voted for this bill because it was the right thing to do.

If you’ve checked your 401(k) balance recently, or maybe tried to get a car loan, or worse, been laid off from your job, you know firsthand why this bill was so necessary. The economy is simply in too bad of shape to be able to just ride this out and turn around on its own. Something needed to be done, and I’m glad our congressman and senators acted.

The only time our economy has experienced anything close to this was during the Great Depression. President Herbert Hoover decided that doing nothing was the right course of action. As a result, the economy plunged deeper into a depression, and it took the stimulus spending of Franklin Delano Roosevelt to turn the economy around.

I believe that this stimulus bill was needed to keep our country out of another Great Depression. I’m sure Demo-crats in Congress who supported FDR’s stimulus programs were accused of doing so to score political points with the new president, too. But it was the right thing to do then, and it’s the right thing to do now. History has already shown us that.