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Bob Michaels, Published March 04 2009

WF Park Board doing a lousy job

As a resident of West Fargo, I am enthused at the growth our community is experiencing. While it’s easy to be apprehensive about it due to the “small community” atmosphere we’ve enjoyed for so long, I guess the times they are a-changin’. With that, I continue to be truly dumbfounded at the anti-progressive nature of the West Fargo Park Board. Talk about missing the boat.

With the growth of the athletic programs in our community, there are so many opportunities that are being overlooked that could really build our programs. For example, ice time is precious at our vets arena. How about flooding a section of the smaller parks in the area? There’s an area across from the soccer fields not too far from us that would be utilized like crazy with all the hockey players in our neighborhood. When ice is taken out of the arena, why not set up some batting cages and/or some hoops or volleyball nets for additional spring/summer programs or exercise instead of letting that great big taxpayer- owned building sit empty all summer?

The skate parks are a great idea, but how about putting them where they can actually be used? Most kids who skate can’t drive, so putting one in the middle of nowhere (Read: Rendezvous Park) at this time is a joke. Taking down the disc golf because “it is used too much”…? That’s a problem?

The current leadership lacks vision and frustrates many of us parents who know additional recreation is needed in our growing community to help our kids become more competitive with other schools and to give our kids something to do.

Elmwood is a great multi-use park, but if you don’t live near it, I guess you’re just out of luck.