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Kay Syvrud, Published March 02 2009

‘Fairness Doctrine’ a liberal scheme to attack free speech

Do not be fooled by a recent statement made my a man named Ben LaBolt, who is part of the Obama administration, when he declared that President Barack Obama is not interested in re-instating the “Fairness Doctrine.” The Democrats have plans for introducing what is being called “the son of the Fairness Doctrine.”

The liberals (progressives) are showing their desire to “control” things that have been part of our freedoms for decades ... particularly freedom of speech.

The most recent “control” issue, in addition to wanting to control the Census by taking it away from the Commerce Department, is the revival of the Fairness Doctrine of 1949 – in a new and modified way that could destroy AM radio totally ... and this in a time of economic crisis when AM radio is a leading economic engine in the United States.

The reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine has only one conspicuous reason for its being pushed: It is their only way to destroy conservative talk radio.

Liberals are clearly threatened by conservative talk radio, and their “solution” to this threat is to suspend the constitutional rights guaranteed to Americans in the First Amendment (the freedom of speech clause).

The willingness of liberals to take away this freedom of speech is the most egregious act that could possibly be committed by the party in power who are clearly “feeling their oats” and perceiving a nonexistent mandate to do what pleases them in spite of what the American Public is thinking.

Their wish to stifle all criticism of the new administration is not unlike the infamous “alien and sedition acts” of the John Adams administration in the 1790s when editors of newspapers were thrown in prison for criticizing the Adams administration.

Consider the fact that liberals literally own most of the media forms in the nation already. They will not want to apply their “son of the Fairness Doctrine” to networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, PBS, or CNN ... all these outlets are so liberally biased that only a true liberal cannot recognize the obvious bias.

A 2008 report by the Culture and Media Institute, “Unmasking the Myths Behind The Fairness Doctrine,” provides evidence that liberals already dominate all but talk radio:

- Broadcast TV News: liberal, 42.1 million viewers vs. zero conservative

- Top 25 newspapers: liberal, 11.7 million circulation vs. 1.3 million conservative

- Cable TV news: liberal, 182.8 million viewers per month vs. 61.6 million conservative

- Major newsweeklies: liberal, 8.5 million weekly circulation vs. zero conservative.

Despite the overwhelming liberal media advantage, conservatives have never, or are they now, calling for a return of the Fairness Doctrine for newspapers, broadcast news or magazines. In fact, conservatives welcome liberals to the world of talk radio, as competitors, not as usurpers.

Singling out conservative talk radio for a revived form of the Fairness Doctrine is a blatant example of liberal bullying ... a phenomenon we are seeing more and more of with each passing day, including the recently passed so-called “stimulus bill” that is truly a glorified pork package for liberals who have not been able to otherwise pass their fondest wishes for total socialization of American government.

American citizens had better be prepared to take a stand, and protest to their legislators if the new “Fairness Doctrine” threatens to suspend our constitutional right of free speech.