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Emily Tintes, Published February 27 2009

Cartoon offensive and in poor taste

Usually a fan of political cartoons, I am not a very easily offended reader. I was angered and disappointed when I opened up my Sunday (Feb. 22) edition and saw a blatant image of objectification and discrimination toward women.

The cartoon shows a very large female belly dancer towering over a table of men. She is representing the stimulus package and the men state, “Frankly, we’re not stimulated.” The point of the message is that the men are not turned on by her because of her extreme size.

First of all, I think resorting to something as juvenile as making fun of a large person is disgusting and in very bad taste. Secondly, this image reaffirms the media’s message that large women are not considered acceptable or beautiful.

Eating disorders have become an epidemic in our country, in large part due to the role the media has had in dictating worth based upon physical appearance. In my opinion, this image represents just one of the many steps backward women have to take in the journey for equality.