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Pat Donley, Published February 10 2009

ND: Do not accept a slaughterhouse

Dear North Dakota: Most Americans do not want American horses slaughtered for human consumption, nor do they want slaughterhouses opened in North Dakota or any state for that matter. I am not against eating meat. I am against animals being abused, treated inhumanely and suffering immense pain before they die.

Most of the horses sent to slaughter are not sick, old, or injured. Come on, North Dakota farmers and ranchers. You know no one wants to eat that. The meat that is wanted is young, tender, luscious quarter horses. No one wants to eat a tough, stringy old horse. And do you want to eat meat from a horse that is sick?

To say slaughterhouses are needed to humanely put down old, sick and injured animals is a lie. The public is being lied to. The reason is money and greed. There are millions of dollars to be made off killing horses. Slaughterhouse supporters see it as a way to “cull” unwanted horses from breeding programs, in which the best are kept and the unwanted ones are slaughtered. Horses are slaughtered even for being the “wrong” color.

A severely injured horse needs to be euthanized, not shipped in a truck to a slaughterhouse. Old horses that have given a life of service need to be euthanized, not shipped in a truck to slaughter.

The Humane Society of the United States is not trying to stop anyone from eating an animal. Like many Americans, they do not want animals treated inhumanely. Do you really want to be known as the state that kills horses by sending them to inhumane slaughter?

There is documentation of what happened right here in the United States slaughterhouses. Anyone who wants to know the truth can Google it on the Internet and find many, many different groups and organizations that have pictures and videos. Find out for yourself. Research it and you will be surprised at what is really happening to horses today.

Every single horse is at risk of being slaughtered. Horses are stolen every day. They are slaughtered within a day or two of arriving at a slaughterhouse, if not that same day. If your horse was stolen, it would probably be dead by the time you could even track it down.

This issue affects all horse owners in America. Tell your state representatives you are against horse slaughter in your state and all states.

Donley, originally from Michigan,

is a horse owner.