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Zac Cyrus, Published February 08 2009

Send old horses to slaughterhouse

In response to Jeff Larson’s letter “Horse slaughter proposal is wrong” in the Jan. 28 Forum: I believe there is no reason why some horses shouldn’t be slaughtered.

Just because some horses may have names does not mean anything. Some ranchers could give their cows names, but would that save them? I also do not understand why horses should deserve better treatment than any other animal. It is true that every animal serves a purpose, but every animal’s life also comes to an end sometime. Why not utilize the horse’s body to feed the hungry people in this world?

Where would a horse sanctuary be? What would happen when the sanctuary fills up? The slaughtering of old, crippled, useless horses keeps the number down so we don’t have to worry about overpopulation of horses. If everyone kept every horse and never sold them to be slaughtered, we would be short on hay, which would also cause cattle populations to go down.

Not all horses serve their owners. There are stubborn horses out there that won’t listen to anyone. I agree, a young, healthy horse should not be slaughtered, but no one wants a horse you can’t do anything with. Who would want to pay for feeding a horse and not gain anything from it? Not to mention housing the horse until it passes away.

The sanctuary idea might not be good for animal lovers, but think about it. The horses that would go there are already almost dead or have some kind of disability. What is the use in saving them? I believe we should have a system set up to only slaughter the useless and old horses.