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Chassan Katherine, Published February 01 2009

Vote no on horse slaughterhouse

A Forum article (Jan. 24) warned that horse enthusiasts will be upset because two legislators are sponsoring House Bill 1496 to have the Commerce Department conduct a $100,000 study to see if a privately owned horse slaughterhouse is viable in North Dakota.

“Lots of constituents were begging us to do this. ...” Rep. Rod Froelich, D-Selfridge, said. “We have a lot of equine that are being abandoned now, not taken care of ...”

Sen. Joe Miller, R-Park River, stated: “We’re going to get to a point where horses will be running around like deer. That’s something we need to control.”

Neutering a male horse, or gelding, is a common practice. If a horse owner with a large property – I mean major acres – just lets a herd wander and breed freely, then the horse owner is to blame for their irresponsibility. House Bill 1496 only encourages the irresponsibility of mismanaging an equine herd.

The Forum also quoted Miller: “the point of the proposed legislation is to humanely dispose of those animals that have ‘worn out their usefulness.’ ”

Sen. Miller, I didn’t know you still used draft horses to pull your plow. Sure, I still see horse carriages tied up to hitching posts along my historic street.

Contemporarily, horses are our pets. They are no longer beasts of burden. A race horse or a show horse can retire as an addition to a family like a dog or a cat.

I’m requesting that my representatives in Bismarck reject House Bill 1496.