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By Avi Rajender, Published January 24 2009

Bush squandered his great potential

As we bid good riddance to a truly unforgettable administration, it seems like the majority of the public has forgotten that George W. Bush himself had great potential to be remembered better than what he is now.

Although I am a relatively left-wing individual, I know better than to always follow the depictions of Hollywood. Bush actually could have been a not-so-bad president, but the way he handled those opportunities backfired.

The one key element of the former incumbent that I really admired was his opening up of the American economy and market to coexist with foreign powers, such as India.

Bush believed that we had nothing to fear about competition, and that the two great nations could bond together. But like one uninformed school student getting answers from a more intelligent one during a partner study session, other countries largely benefitted in taking our jobs while we lost much. His great idea backfired, and our economy suffered.

Without a doubt, the key focus of his career was terrorism. The nation was struck with shock and fear after 9/11, and it was the president who had to step up; this was his golden mountain. But instead of staying on course to fighting the terrorists, he gave in to the minds of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, basically leaving Afghanistan to invade weapons-free Iraq, killing 4,000 soldiers.

Bush failed in his potential. This administration had a significant impact on the world; we can never go back to 2000. But as we all remember from 2001, W. could have been much more during a time of great change.