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David Alan Habiger, Amenia, N.D., Published January 18 2009

Authorities had no right to arrest me

I have to give credit where it is due. The Forum and the local area media have all been very objective in their reporting. The stories about me regard misguided and, to say the least, poorly handled violation of my Fourth Amendment rights: the unjustified inspection of my salvage yard west of Amenia, N.D., for contamination that didn’t exist. Cass County District Judge Cynthia Rothe-Seeger, now retired, ruled last November that the warrant was illegal and violated my Fourth Amendment rights and that getting the warrant was poorly done.

On Nov. 26, The Forum wrote a piece saying shame on the arrogant Health Department and Cass County deputies. Thank God for district judges such as Rothe-Seeger who have the courage to uphold our constitutional rights.

Cass County deputies had no right to arrest me and cause me much pain and suffering – and the fact that no one would tell me when they were coming out on June 24. And how my friend, Jim Thorsen, Cass County’s chief deputy, lied to my face on that day. The conclusive evidence of this is in his own police report. What they did to me was right out of the communist way of doing things. We once had a government that worked in the light, not the dark. More than ever, we need to put more light into our government. Stop beating up on hard-working, patriotic, God-fearing, dedicated people like me.

The arrogance in our government needs to be replaced with respectful, humble public servants who see all of God’s children as being equal with rights always to be respected.

All the media outlets are interested when I take a stand and do things others are afraid to do: defending our God-given rights.

The state is no friend of the family. It’s tearing our family apart. God help us.