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George Marchand, Published January 16 2009

Get right view of Bush from O’Reilly


It’s about time someone had something good to say about President George W. Bush. That someone, however, is not me. More qualified to do so is Bill O’Reilly, talk show host of “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox, who filters his comments through the “no spin zone.”

He is a nonpartisan guy, who in addition to being a noted journalist is also an award-winning author of five or six best-sellers and a three-time Emmy Award winner. Here’s his take on President Bush taken from his newest book, “A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity”:

“Three times I have interviewed George W. Bush. I believe he is an honest man. I believe his presidency was challenged by extraordinarily difficult circumstances that only a few other chief executives have ever faced. The terror attack on Sept. 11 instantly changed the world, introducing a complex set of unique circumstances to Americans. Understanding that, I do cut President Bush some slack, unlike many in the media.

“The crowning achievement of the Bush administration, usually ignored by the bitter left-wing media, is the hurt it put on al Qaida. Within a year after 9/11, President Bush and his allies had delivered a series of devastating blows to the Islamic extremist community. The Taliban were routed in Afghanistan, dozens of al Qaida leaders and operatives around the world were captured or killed, and scores of countries cooperated with America in freezing suspected terrorist bank accounts. President Bush was flush with success and in most polls, his approval rating was above eighty percent.

“Then came the invasion of Iraq and the ‘Bush lied’ crowd took over. The anti-Bush partisans paint a harsh picture, and unfortunately, many people believe it. But that analysis is largely bull.”

If you want the whole story, it starts on Page 192 of the O’Reilly book.