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Barry Barringer, Published January 03 2009

Warren emphasizes important life issues


Jesus criticized the short-sighted religious leaders of his time. These leaders called Pharisees focused on trivial moral concerns while ignoring larger moral matters. There may be no better example of modern day Pharisees than the myopic supporters of gay marriage.

Rick Warren is a pastor who emphasizes important life-saving moral issues such as eliminating global poverty and providing relief to AIDS victims. But shrill gay religionists want to stone him because he doesn’t see gay marriage as vitally important.

Is a man marrying another man or a woman wedding a woman quite as important as people living in poverty or dying from AIDS? That’s a rhetorical question.

Besides being a trivial unimportant moral issue, gay marriage can also be a nonissue. Many states grant to gay couples the legal rights of marriage; they just don’t call it marriage. But in a society where truth is relative, you can call your relationship with your partner a marriage, and no one can stop you.

Why does the state need to call your relationship a marriage? Why do you need that? Instead of wasting emotion and effort trying to get society’s approval, send society a message that you are free to define your relationship as you wish.

Stop picking on people working on important moral issues.