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Milo Buchholz, Published January 02 2009

Shame on all who neglected road rut

Fingal, N.D.

Shame on the operator of the heavy truck that caused the ruts that ultimately would cause, among other accidents, a fatal one.

Shame on every cop and every city, county and state employee who saw those ruts and did nothing.

Shame on every operator of every maintainer, tractor loader, etc., who could have at least driven those ruts down when they drove by and saw them, but no one told them to do it.

Shame on every person driving that road in south Fargo who saw those ruts and did nothing.

The North Dakota Supreme Court ruled in Buchholz v. the Barnes County Water Board, Case 2008 ND 0158, that dereliction of duty and negligence are not a crime. But they certainly should be.