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Pam Sand, Published December 25 2008

For dogs and cats, consider adoption


In response the Dec. 22 article, “Struggling with strays”:

All of the stray dogs being tied to a post and shot if not claimed, or thrown in dark, freezing cages or boxes, or in other situations of dire straits where they are cold and/or starving to death, can thank the people who continue to let their dogs have puppies, either to make a few extra bucks, or who didn’t bother to get them fixed, or who thought it would be fun for the kids if the family pet had a litter or two of pups. Shame on you.

This past Sunday there were 57 ads for dogs and puppies in The Forum. While I don’t condone what I read in that article – in fact, it made me sick – it is a very sad realty that there are not enough good homes for all of the dogs (and cats) out there and many great animals are put down every day.

Thank you to all responsible pet owners and the organizations that take in and try to re-home unwanted animals and keep them warm, safe and fed while they wait for their forever homes. If there is a dog or cat in your future, please consider adoption.