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Helen Diemert, Published December 20 2008

Today’s practices condemned in past


It’s the usury in our monetary system that causes such havoc in the world today. It was condemned even in biblical times. Since money has become the universal means of accounting, it doesn’t work very well because it fluctuates daily like a rubber ruler. And since it creates itself like plants and animals, it is allowed to grow although it is not a part of the natural world.

Because it grows, it steadily widens the gap between the rich and the poor, creating a great social problem. Control by the wealthy means that we live in a plutocracy and an oligarchy disguised as democracy. Most folks think that because we vote for our legislators, we are a democracy. Voting only exchanges one set of managers of the law for another. The resulting differences are miniscule in the long run. All political parties work within the status quo while aiming primarily to keep their seats. Our “democracies,” the best protection for the ruling rich, are a ruse.

So how do we get out of this crisis and set our sights on saving the planet as well as humanity? We need to step back far enough to see the landscape clearly and to chart our course carefully into a sustainable economy.

Accounting with money needs to be exchanged for real measurements of the natural resources. Furthermore, an equitable distribution of these resources is necessary to avoid conflicts, crime and competition.

Cooperative societies must replace the battles that permeate every aspect of life today from business and politics to war. All the energy and resources we spend on protecting ourselves and making money ought to be used for developing a high state of scientific understanding, technological achievement and a culture befitting our intelligence through the best education for all citizens.