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Published December 01 2001

Steph Phillips letter: Take time to listen to a child's concerns

I am replying to the person who had the audacity to say what I did with my son was wrong and terrible for him and showed him how to skip school. I only did what I had to do to make up for the hurt and anguish that Agassiz's decision to not see the Harry Potter movie did to him and to myself.

When you actually take time to listen to your child and see what is going on in their lives, the smallest things can make a difference. This was a big issue to my son; he was lied to by the school and that was enough for me to take action.

All I heard for two weeks was how he was getting to see the movie with his class. I, myself do not lie nor do I let my son down. As for him missing school, I am glad he did and he got to see the 3 p.m. show.

This has done nothing but upset and hurt my son and me. I wish just once the school would back up and think before they make promises to people and that includes the children.

It's too bad our kids don't have any rights in this town. It was going to cost the school so much expense if they did let the kids go to this movie. Did they stop to think about what it would cost them if they didn't? What about the hurt it has caused the ones who wanted their children to go?

Steph Phillips